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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/13/2018
Google and the telcos have a lot in common -- both are grappling with massive data usage and both are looking towards automation to help alleviate some of the strain -- and some human capital in the process.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/12/2018
AT&T has achieved consistent 1Gbit/s speeds over high-band millimeter wave (mmWave) connections in its fixed 5G trials so far, trials that have been so successful they've got the wireless operator confident it has "all the answers" when it comes to going commercial with 5G.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/11/2018
The National Science Foundation (NSF), an independent federal agency focused on funding science and engineering research, will soon be breaking ground on two Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) "living laboratories" in Salt Lake City and New York City to serve as city-wide next-generation wireless testbeds for 5G.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/10/2018
The availability of 5G wireless service could accelerate fixed-to-wireless broadband substitution in Australia, according to a new report from the country's consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/9/2018
The US will be a first mover when it comes to 5G launches, but China will quickly dominate the market for 5G connections, according to new research from CCS Insights, which echoes other recent reports and the general consensus from last month's Mobile World Congress event. (See GSMA: US Will See Fastest Customer Migration to 5G.)
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/6/2018
Is 5G a health and safety risk? There is growing concern on both fronts as consumers and technicians raise old issues that are taking on new life with 5G.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/5/2018
Whenever network operators are asked about automation's potential to kill jobs, the response is typically something along that lines of, "rather than eliminate positions, automation will allow employees to shift focus to more important tasks."
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/4/2018
To Boingo Chief Technology Officer Derek Peterson, there are no such things as threats. Everything is an opportunity. This mantra holds true with regards to cable companies and 5G as well.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 4/3/2018
A Maine-based fixed wireless operator says it has begun expanding its network to bring broadband services to 13 rural and underserved markets across its home state. It's calling this service "5Gx" (and calling itself a "5G wireless broadband innovation company").
Conversations with Huawei
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Dennis Gu, Chief Architect of Cloud Computing solution of Huawei Technology, 3/7/2018
In the 5G era, the ecosystem chain covers cloud, pipe, and device and everything in between. The innovative and cross-generation evolutionary wireless terminals, air interfaces of base stations and network transmission technologies accelerate the evolution of device and pipe architectures. However, cloud data centers are the core hub of the 5G digital ...
Posted by DHagar |  In reply to: National Science Foundation Breaks Ground on 5G Living Labs
@freehe, thanks!  That is a key to development are the strategic partnerships and value-added uses.
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On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
Orange has been one of the leading proponents of SDN and NFV. In this Telco Transformation radio show, Orange's John Isch provides some perspective on his company's NFV/SDN journey.
Monday, February 12, 2018
9am ET

In this webinar, the panel will give an overview of where the industry is right now in regards to bringing early 5G services and technologies to the market, as well as examine what's needed for future services and applications such as IoT, AR/VR and edge computing. Panelists from Huawei, Heavy Reading and Orange will discuss how network slicing virtualizes one network into many platforms in order to serve various verticals. Other areas to be discussed include:

  • The move to cloud-native architectures
  • How to use the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers of the cloud platform to build-out 5G service capabilities
  • The importance of implementing full-process automation of telecom networks and 5G services
  • Why service operators need to extend their cloud platform capabilities to the edge of their networks.

Special Huawei Video
Huawei Network Transformation Seminar
The adoption of virtualization technology and cloud architectures by telecom network operators is now well underway but there is still a long way to go before the transition to an era of Network Functions Cloudification (NFC) is complete.
The Small Cell Forum's CEO Sue Monahan says that small cells will be crucial for indoor 5G coverage, but challenges around business models, siting ...
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Bill Walker, CenturyLink's director of network architecture, shares his insights on why training isn't enough for IT employees and traditional ...
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