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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/23/2018
Mobile World Congress is right around the corner, and the entire industry is gearing up for what is sure to be a week focused on 5G advancements, services, equipment and a fair amount of posturing. Ahead of the show, Chinese giant Huawei showed analysts a sneak preview of its vision for 5G, with the promise of much more to come in Barcelona next week.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/22/2018
Another day, another important 5G milestone: This time it's happening over in Germany where Deutsche Telekom has demonstrated standards-based 5G interoperability on a commercial basestation with partners Intel and Huawei.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/21/2018
Vodafone claims it has completed the world's first 5G call based on the 3GPP NSA standard, followed by the first 5G video call, using Huawei's Radio Access Network equipment.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/20/2018
Companies are weaving themselves seamlessly into the fabric of how people live today through the use of technology, according to 84% of companies surveyed by Accenture this year.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/16/2018
With the industry's massive mobile show right around the corner, Huawei is giving sneak previews of what it has in store: and it's all about 5G. Ahead of Mobile World Congress, it has announced it will unveil a full series of "5G-ready" scenario-based Massive MIMO AAU (multiple input multiple output active antenna units) products to help operators ...
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/15/2018
Digital transformation isn't just rocking network operators' worlds. It's also changing just about everything for the vendors they rely on to support the transformations. According to a new report from CCgroup, 98% of telcos want their vendors to play a bigger role in driving innovation to support their digital transformations.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/14/2018
Italian mobile operator TIM has pushed the limits of 5G in its Turin laboratory, achieving speeds of 3Gb/s and latency of 2.6 milliseconds -- ten times lower latency than in the most advanced LTE technology, it says -- on the 3.6-3.8 GHz spectrum frequencies.
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Sarah Thomas, Director, Women in Comms, 2/13/2018
Last month we asked you, the Telco Transformation community, to help us make 5G out of this world with a caption on a cartoon that we hoped wouldn't alienate anyone (get it?).
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Carol Wilson, Editor-at-large, Light Reading, 2/12/2018
If you're a Winter Olympics geek like me, then you know that US figure skater Nathan Chen got off to a rocky start, failing to land his signature quad jump in the ice skating team competition last Thursday. But if you are a 5G technology geek -- and aren't we all? -- you can take comfort in knowing that ice skating is one of the venues at which KT is ...
Conversations with Huawei
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Zhang Yu, Chief Architect of NFVI Solution, IT Product Line, Huawei, 11/20/2017
Carrier network transformation has become a popular topic in the industry over the past few years. Factors such as increasing service traffic, changing market trends and the acceleration of 5G development put forward new requirements for network infrastructure re-construction, making transformation a must. New technologies -- including virtualization, ...
On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
Orange has been one of the leading proponents of SDN and NFV. In this Telco Transformation radio show, Orange's John Isch provides some perspective on his company's NFV/SDN journey.
Monday, February 12, 2018
9am ET

In this webinar, the panel will give an overview of where the industry is right now in regards to bringing early 5G services and technologies to the market, as well as examine what's needed for future services and applications such as IoT, AR/VR and edge computing. Panelists from Huawei, Heavy Reading and Orange will discuss how network slicing virtualizes one network into many platforms in order to serve various verticals. Other areas to be discussed include:

  • The move to cloud-native architectures
  • How to use the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS layers of the cloud platform to build-out 5G service capabilities
  • The importance of implementing full-process automation of telecom networks and 5G services
  • Why service operators need to extend their cloud platform capabilities to the edge of their networks.

Special Huawei Video
Huawei Network Transformation Seminar
The adoption of virtualization technology and cloud architectures by telecom network operators is now well underway but there is still a long way to go before the transition to an era of Network Functions Cloudification (NFC) is complete.
Eric Bozich, vice president of products and marketing at CenturyLink, talks about the challenges and opportunities of integrating Level 3 into ...
Epsilon's Mark Daley, director of digital strategy and business development, talks about digital transformation from a wholesale service provider ...
Bill Walker, CenturyLink's director of network architecture, shares his insights on why training isn't enough for IT employees and traditional ...
During the Carrier NFV and SDN event in Denver, AT&T's Tom Anschutz talked about how the second generation of VNFs could reduce opex during this ...
DENVER, 10/6/2017 - Jim Sabey, head of connect and compute sales specialists at BT Americas, talks about how virtualization has changed the ...
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