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Neil J. McRae, MD, Architecture & Technology, and Chief Architect, BT, 8/17/2017
BT is relying on common service models to provision new dynamic services while also bringing cohesion to its NFV and SDN efforts.
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John Isch, Practice Director, Network & Voice, Orange Business Services, 8/16/2017
A key to the future of SDN is interoperability, both internally and between carriers' networks. Orange Business Services is working with the Metro Ethernet Forum and TM Forum to foster this sort of standardization, according to John Isch, practice director for network and voice.
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Neil J. McRae, MD, Architecture & Technology, and Chief Architect, BT, 8/16/2017
As part of its virtualization effort, BT is going full-speed ahead in regards to reducing the complexities of network operations by using software-defined networking in tandem with automation.
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John Isch, Practice Director, Network & Voice, Orange Business Services, 8/15/2017
A key potential benefit of software-defined networks is automating systems internally and between carriers, according John Isch, Orange Business Services' practice director for network and voice.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/14/2017
You don't need a crystal ball to see that service providers' future includes the automation of their networks and services, and SDN, along with NFV, is playing a role.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 8/14/2017
Pay-TV providers should balance their traditional offerings with OTT distribution and offer a greater number of pricing and packaging options, according to the results of a recent poll conducted on Telco Transformation.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/11/2017
Verizon is struggling to complete deals for the debut of its new online TV service, according to published reports. As a result, the launch has been pushed back from this summer to fall, or even later.
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Shawn Hakl, VP, Product and New Business Innovation, Verizon, 8/11/2017
In a world trending toward software-defined anything, Verizon's SDN strategy relies upon categorizing virtualized appliances together, and managing them as such to simplify infrastructure. Accordingly, Shawn Hakl, Verizon's vice president of business networks and security solutions, paints a picture of the interconnection of everything by way of ...
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Bill Carter, CTO, Open Compute Project, 8/10/2017
Web-scale IT leads to agility, but how do you get agile enough to even deploy web-scale IT in the first place? Bill Carter, CTO of the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP), has an answer -- and it starts with the word "open."
Conversations with Huawei
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Zou Zhilei, President, Huawei Carrier Business Group, 12/30/2016
Zou Zhilei, president of Huawei Carrier Business Group, spoke about how his company was working with its carrier customers to reshape their networks with cloud services during this Huawei Connect address in Shanghai in late summer.
On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
In this Telco Transformation radio show, IHS Markit's Michael Howard will talk about the network domains that carriers are targeting for SDN, the top SDN services that are driving revenues and the deployment barriers this year. Howard will also address whether carriers are embracing open source or using vendor-specific implementations.
Monday, September 11, 2017
12 p.m. EDT

This hour-long webinar will provide a presentation and discussion of ONOS YANG Tools, a new Java tool-chain, introduced with ONOS Kingfisher release, and the upcoming support of OpenConfig and OpenROADM models. In this webinar, Thomas Vachuska, chief architect at the Open Networking Foundation, and Anees Shaikh, network architect, Google, will cover the capabilities of the new YANG tool-chain and will discuss the roles OpenConfig models and YANG in general play in managing large networks.

Level 3's VP of Global Development and Management Adam Saenger talks about the importance of multi-operator automation, and how it impacts ...
CenturyLink's Steve Sklar examines business models and opportunities for service providers navigating the OTT market.
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Providing SD-WAN services is the first foray into OTT for many CSPs, said Nico Fischbach, strategy, architecture and innovation director of Colt ...
Operators have the ability to provide customized services. The cloud-as-an-infrastructure combined with the Business of Things will mean new ...
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