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Ron Westfall, Research Director, Global Telecom Technology and Software, GlobalData, 12/15/2017
There is a bit of inequality between 5G and the cloud. 5G relies on the cloud and its capabilities to support a variety of new service and platform approaches, according to Ron Westfall, GlobalData's research director for Global Telecom Technology and Software.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 12/14/2017
Mickey, meet Rupert. Rupert, shake hands with Mickey. Or something like that as Walt Disney announced Thursday that it had struck a $52.4 billion deal to buy a large chunk of Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 12/14/2017
When it comes to network services and applications, security, quality of service and reliability rank ahead of cost, according to a survey of US-based IT professionals.
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Mirko Voltolini, Head of Network On Demand, Colt, 12/13/2017
5G has yet to truly arrive, but as it comes along it could be crucial to cloud enablement of digital transformation, says Mirko Voltolini, head of network on demand at Colt Technology Services.
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Mirko Voltolini, Head of Network On Demand, Colt, 12/12/2017
A digital transformation is no transformation without a plan, says Mirko Voltolini head of network on demand at Colt Technology Services, and that plan always comes down (up?) to the cloud.
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Vishal Augustine, Manager and Lead Architect, Huawei BSS, 12/11/2017
Organizations have been working in the same way for decades. Their cultures are deep and entrenched. The broad foundational changes wrought by digital transformation therefore must be implemented carefully, according to Huawei's Vishal Augustine.
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Jacques Dutronc, Chief Development & Innovation Officer, Eutelsat, 12/11/2017
As a major satellite provider serving Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas, Eutelsat delivers a variety of services. But two thirds of its business is the delivery of television content, and as such it is an important area for the company to target innovation.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 12/8/2017
Whether it's buying a holiday gift for yourself -- to make up for those ties and ugly sweaters -- or buying a loved one a gift, Telco Transformation just might have you covered with the last cartoon caption contest of the year.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 12/8/2017
Just in time for the holidays we have the winners of last month's cartoon caption contest.
Conversations with Huawei
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Zhang Yu, Chief Architect of NFVI Solution, IT Product Line, Huawei, 11/20/2017
Carrier network transformation has become a popular topic in the industry over the past few years. Factors such as increasing service traffic, changing market trends and the acceleration of 5G development put forward new requirements for network infrastructure re-construction, making transformation a must. New technologies -- including virtualization, ...
Posted by faryl |  In reply to: TT Caption Contest: Holiday Edition
Getting Weight Watcher cookbooks when I wasn't even on a diet :-/
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Special Huawei Video
Huawei Network Transformation Seminar
The adoption of virtualization technology and cloud architectures by telecom network operators is now well underway but there is still a long way to go before the transition to an era of Network Functions Cloudification (NFC) is complete.
On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
Orange has been one of the leading proponents of SDN and NFV. In this Telco Transformation radio show, Orange's John Isch provides some perspective on his company's NFV/SDN journey.
Thursday, November 30, 2017
12:00 p.m. New York / 5:00 p.m. London

Since its inception in February of this year, the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) has attracted a community of more than 50 leading suppliers and global carriers, who support more than 55% of the world's mobile subscribers. ONAP, which is hosted by the Linux Foundation, was designed as an end-to-end framework for real-time, policy-driven automation of physical and virtual network functions. It not only unifies the telecom sector, but also provides it with a viable roadmap for network orchestration and automation well into the future.

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DENVER, 10/6/2017 - Jim Sabey, head of connect and compute sales specialists at BT Americas, talks about how virtualization has changed the ...
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