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Jim Newkirk, Vice President for Platform Engineering, CenturyLink, 8/23/2016
By creating a collaborative company culture, DevOps is allowing CenturyLink to put its focus on creating value for its end users. The move to DevOps has wide ramifications across a company. For CenturyLink, it means that developers must move from an approach in which their sole concern is their small piece of a project to one in which their focus is ...
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/23/2016
This Thursday's radio show with Bjorn Taale Sandberg, senior vice president and head of Telenor Research, will be both wide and deep as we delve into topics such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and creating a digital ecosystem.
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Janice Lee, Managing Director, PCCW Media Group, 8/23/2016
The rapid growth of OTT video services has pushed pay-TV operators around the world to rethink the business. This has resulted in new services, from slimmed-down pay-TV packages to operators launching their own OTT services. (See Will the 'Slim' TV Business Model Really Retain Cord-Cutters? and Is Comcast Right to Reject OTT?)
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/22/2016
The combination of rapid innovation in service provider networks and increased new service demands by customers is driving the change to a DevOps approach for developing new products, creating unified company cultures and prioritizing operational processes. A new report finds DevOps practices are now widely understood within telecom.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/22/2016
This month's cartoon caption contest is focused on telepresence in the workplace, which lets users virtually be in two places at one time.
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Sorabh Saxena, Senior Vice President, Technology Development, AT&T, 8/22/2016
While some service providers have been talking a big game in regards to virtualization of their networks, AT&T has been walking the walk.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 8/22/2016
Nearly half the population say they find keeping up with new technologies challenging and 70% fear a widening digital divide, according to new research released by Norwegian operator Telenor ASA (Nasdaq: TELN).
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 8/19/2016
Legacy OSS/BSS infrastructures are among the biggest challenges that operators face when it comes to their digital transformation migrations, according to a recent survey.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 8/19/2016
It seems our electronic devices now own us, rather than the other way around. New research has found that the average US consumer spends 50 hours every week in front of some kind of screen.
Conversations with Huawei
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Mohamed Madkour, Vice President Wireless Network Marketing & Head of Global Demand Generation, Huawei, 8/5/2016
Today more than half of YouTube and Facebook users watch video from their platforms on mobile devices, with the GSMA estimating that 70% of all mobile network data will be video by 2021. Mobile operators must optimize their networks, but the usual capacity- and coverage-related KPIs don't correlate well for video, while neglecting the subjective ...
Posted by DHagar |  In reply to: CenturyLink's Newkirk: DevOps Culture Puts Customers First
@faryl, well it worked for them then.  Maybe they should go back to those models?
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On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
This week's edition addresses "Big Video," the next generation of video applications that will provide network operators with revenue opportunities and traffic management challenges.
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
10:00 a.m. New York / 3:00 p.m. London

The OPEN-O vision enables orchestration of any service over any network by using a modular approach that integrates with multiple VNF managers, SDN controllers and VIMs.

We invite technologists and business leaders to the first webinar on OPEN-O, which addresses the target use cases that influenced the OPEN-O functional architecture, software baseline, and a project update.

Mobile Broadband is growing at a double-digit rate annually thanks in large part to the proliferation of video across a range of devices and ...
OPEN-O director and VP of Network Strategy at the Linux Foundation, Marc Cohn, talks about the increasingly important role that open source ...
Telcos need integrated orchestration tools that can help manage SDN, NFV and legacy OSS environments, explains Hui Deng, an SDN and NFV expert at ...
Hui Deng, a SDN and NFV expert at China Mobile's Research Institute, talks about the growing importance of industry ecosystems and industry ...
Orange Group CIO Pascale Vignier says the operator's digital operations strategy has customer experience at its heart and notes that mobile ...
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