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Joseph Hundah, President and Group CEO, Econet Media, 4/25/2017
Living in developed economies, we don't always consider the challenges faced by companies operating in developing markets, where technologies and services seen as standard here are hard to come by. Operators in these countries have to rewrite the rule book when launching new services, but this can result in new, innovative solutions.
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Christopher W. Rice, Senior Vice President of AT&T Labs, Domain 2.0 Architecture and Design, 4/25/2017
The creation of the Open Network Automation Platform from two open source efforts -- Open Orchestrator and open source ECOMP, AT&T's internal platform -- is proceeding at a rapid pace as the new group takes on new members and works to harmonize two code bases.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, Telco Transformation, 4/24/2017
While mobile usage accounts for the majority of time spent on social networks, there are still more people accessing social networks via the desktop today, according to a new report from web analytics company comScore Inc.
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Ihab Tarazi, Chief Technology Officer, Equinix, 4/24/2017
Equinix has already diversified its data centers, adding Cloud Exchange to its well established Internet Business Exchange services to provide easy direct connections to multiple public clouds as well as private cloud options. Today the company connects 1,400 networks and 2,600 clouds, according to its CTO, Ihab Tarazi.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 4/23/2017
The Robuck has spoken, and his judgement is upon us. The entries have been reviewed, and the winner of last month's caption contest has been duly anointed.
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Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading, 4/21/2017
Consumers will soon have access to a French-speaking virtual assistant as Orange is releasing "Djingo," a voice-activated digital assistant which will be available in France in early 2018. Orange debuted the new technology at their annual Hello show in Paris yesterday. (See Orange Adds Voice to Growing Chorus of Digital Assistants.)
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 4/21/2017
In February this year, the FCC announced a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NRPM) on a new broadcast standard, ATSC 3.0. This puts into motion the process for adopting new regulations, allowing for public comment on the proposed rules before any rule-making is finalized. (See FCC Issues Proposal to Authorize ATSC 3.0 Use.)
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Elizabeth Miller Coyne, Managing Editor, Light Reading, 4/21/2017
As more and more businesses move to the cloud, service providers are challenged with ensuring high availability, reliability and security for cloud services across a diverse access network. To meet this challenge, Windstream has launched a new Diverse Connect service that aims to keep a customer's network endpoints connected and ensures the performance ...
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Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading, 4/20/2017
CenturyLink has been among the leaders when it comes to the virtualization of its network, and Telco Transformation radio show listeners will hear firsthand about the service provider's approach during today's radio show at 12:00 p.m. ET.
Conversations with Huawei
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Zou Zhilei, President, Huawei Carrier Business Group, 12/30/2016
Zou Zhilei, president of Huawei Carrier Business Group, spoke about how his company was working with its carrier customers to reshape their networks with cloud services during this Huawei Connect address in Shanghai in late summer.
Posted by Ariella |  In reply to: How Innovative Billing Brought Netflix to Africa
@mhhf1ve I suppose so. Do they also release their programs on DVD the way regular TV programs do?
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On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
During this radio show, Adam Dunstan, CenturyLink's vice president of SDN and NFV engineering, will talk about CenturyLink's approach to making its network less complex while adding flexibility and automation.
Thursday, March 16, 2017
12:00 p.m. New York/4:00 p.m. London

The promise of 5G connectivity is a truly Networked Society. 5G is not just about making the throughput larger, it is also about offering use case optimized user experiences and inclusion of new vertical sectors. Use cases predicted for 2020 will need new types of connectivity services that are highly scalable and programmable in terms of speed, capacity, security, reliability, availability, latency and impact on battery type. 5G will need to be an agile, dynamically programmable network that can meet diverse needs with new, as-a-service models on a single infrastructure. In this Webinar, you will learn how the Open Networking Foundation is combining open source and software defined standards through its Open innovation Pipeline to advance innovative architectures such as mobile CORD (M-CORD). M-CORD is being developed by the CORD Project community under ONF's leadership and hosted by The Linux Foundation. Built on the pillars of SDN, NFV and cloud technologies, the end-to-end M-CORD open reference solution is arming operators with the capabilities needed to start planning for the upcoming 5G transition.

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