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Telco Transformation, , 6/24/2016
With adoption by companies such as Uber, APIs are fueling the digital economy. And now service providers are ready to tap into those benefits as well.
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Igal Elbaz, Vice President - Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T Services, 6/24/2016
AT&T adopted a DevOps mindset when it announced its first AT&T Foundry five years ago. The goal of the AT&T Foundry program is to create a fast-paced, collaborative environment for technologists at each of the six locations.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 6/24/2016
The "computer continues to be the dominant device to watch online video," according to Limelight's The State of Online Video study released yesterday. When ranked in order of frequency of use by respondents, computers were highest -- just as they were in December 2015. In fact, the average rank was actually higher this year.
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Igal Elbaz, Vice President - Ecosystem and Innovation, AT&T Services, 6/23/2016
Five years ago, AT&T embarked on its AT&T Foundry program, which was designed to spur innovation and foster collaboration by bringing together leading innovators with cutting-edge technologies.
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Joe Stanganelli, Founder and Principal, Beacon Hill Law, 6/23/2016
Verizon Communications is set to extend its ThingSpace IoT platform with two new key features that look set to expand its developer ecosystem.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 6/23/2016
OTT video is continuing to grow steadily, CDN vendor Limelight Networks reported in its semi-annual The State of Online Video study today. The report is based on a May 2016 survey of 1,086 consumers in the US, the UK and Canada.
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Mike Robuck, Editor, Telco Transformation, 6/22/2016
After kicking the tires on proof-of-concept trials that started in the fourth quarter of last year, CenturyLink officially announced its SD-WAN service on Wednesday.
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Joe Stanganelli, Founder and Principal, Beacon Hill Law, 6/22/2016
As Verizon increasingly focuses on DevOps, the telco's present strategy for the Internet of Things market demonstrates that it is taking to heart the issues faced by others who work with the technology -- and acting to unite them via its ThingSpace IoT platform.
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Aditya Kishore, Practice Leader, Video Transformation, 6/22/2016
Networking vendor Sandvine just released its latest Internet Phenomena report, focusing on broadband traffic trends in the Americas.
Conversations with Huawei
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Conversations with Huawei, , 6/22/2016
SINGAPORE -- The Open ROADS (Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social) Community announced the successful completion of their inaugural meeting. The Open ROADS Community, an initiative powered by Huawei, was first launched at the Mobile World Congress in February at Barcelona. The Community brings together leading voices from across ...
On-the-Air Thursdays Digital Audio
While there are major moves underway towards virtualization and eliminating interaction with subscribers, there needs to be a human touch when it comes to customer service, according to Eastern Oregon Telecom CEO Joseph Franell.
Tuesday, June 28, 2016
10:00 a.m. New York / 3:00 p.m. London

The OPEN-O vision enables orchestration of any service over any network by using a modular approach that integrates with multiple VNF managers, SDN controllers and VIMs.

We invite technologists and business leaders to the first webinar on OPEN-O, which addresses the target use cases that influenced the OPEN-O functional architecture, software baseline, and a project update.

Orange Group CIO Pascale Vignier says the operator's digital operations strategy has customer experience at its heart and notes that mobile ...
What is a digital business? David Pleasance, chairman of the TM Forum, has some answers.
Sven Hischke, Managing Director of Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net, discusses the European giant's network, services and operations transformation strategy.
At TM Forum, Accenture's Christian Kelly looks at the importance of 'value exchange' in cloud ecosystems.
Sean Liu, Chief Branding Officer at Huawei's Carrier Business Group, talks about the different aspects of telco transformation and explains that ...
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