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Having an Edge
Flash Poll  
2/5/2018   16 comments
How important will edge storage, processing and streaming be for the future of video delivery?
Fast Track for 5G: Which Country Will Be First?
Flash Poll  
1/3/2018   18 comments
This year will be a key pivot point for 5G as more service providers and vendors ramp up testing and pre-standards deployments ahead of the expected full-scale rollouts in 2020. Which country will see large-scale commercial deployments of 5G first?
Netflix Maxing Out Its Credit Cards?
Flash Poll  
12/18/2017   47 comments
Netflix just raised its prices and sold $1.6 billion worth of notes to finance its debt. Meanwhile, it is spending $7 billion to $8 billion every year on content. Can Netflix afford its very expensive original content strategy?
Biggest Bang for 5G Apps?
Flash Poll  
12/4/2017   15 comments
5G's speed and connectivity will be a game-changer for service providers, vendors and end users. Network slicing technology will virtualize a single network into a platform that can support many applications while also enabling bandwidth-intensive services that require low latency. What application or service will be the first fire starter for 5G applications and services?
The Very Clever Network
Flash Poll  
11/17/2017   39 comments
What part of the TV experience will artificial intelligence (AI) improve the most?
High Hurdles for Digital Transformations
Flash Poll  
11/1/2017   3 comments
What is the biggest barrier for businesses implementing their digital transformation strategies?
Flash Poll  
10/16/2017   40 comments
Can Snapchat withstand Facebook/Instagram's challenge, or is it doomed?
Service Provider Security Check
Flash Poll  
10/3/2017   30 comments
What should be service providers' biggest security concern?
It's Clear That It's Cloudy
Flash Poll  
9/18/2017   18 comments
How important is it for pay-TV providers to move their infrastructure to the cloud?
Sudden Impact: Where Will NFV Make Its Mark?
Flash Poll  
9/5/2017   7 comments
NFV is moving out of proof-of-concept trials and into real-world deployments. Where will service providers see the biggest impact from NFV in 2017?
Say to See?
Flash Poll  
8/14/2017   26 comments
How important will it be to offer integrated, voice-activated digital assistants (Alexa, Google Home, etc.) for TV services in the next three years?
What's On Deck for SDN?
Flash Poll  
8/1/2017   8 comments
Going forward, what will be the key function of SDN?
What Is the Key to the Video Kingdom?
Flash Poll  
7/18/2017   16 comments
What is the key to a successful video strategy for service providers?
Web-Scale IT Smackdown
Flash Poll  
7/3/2017   8 comments
Where have web-scale operations and services had the biggest impact for service providers?
How Important Is Video for Service Providers?
Flash Poll  
6/16/2017   34 comments
Is offering a video service of some sort essential for a service provider?
SD-WAN: Welcome to the Boomtown
Flash Poll  
6/2/2017   7 comments
With the advent of more cloud-based services, enterprises are tapping into SD-WAN to cut down on costly MPLS services. SD-WAN also features a controller to forward traffic across the most optimum link. There are currently a wide-range of SD-WAN, or hybrid WAN, offerings in the marketplace. Which will garner the lion's share of revenue in 2017?
Pay-TV Target Audience
Flash Poll  
5/22/2017   4 comments
Should pay-TV operators focus on older customers or millennials?
IoT Growth Predictions
Flash Poll  
4/28/2017   18 comments
Over the next five years, which industry/application will experience the most revenue growth in IoT applications?
We Got a Live One Here!
Flash Poll  
4/13/2017   7 comments
Can live streaming scale for broadcast events?
I-Robot: AI Emerges
Flash Poll  
4/3/2017   17 comments
The concept of artificial intelligence has been around for more than 60 years, but now that the likes of Google, Microsoft and Amazon have thrown their collective weight behind AI it has finally arrived. How will the telecoms industry benefit from AI?
Eliminate the Middleman
Flash Poll  
3/17/2017   12 comments
Should broadcasters develop their own streaming services? Or should they stick to what they know?
Cloudy Concerns
Flash Poll  
3/6/2017   2 comments
What is the top concern for service provider customers when deciding to use cloud services?
Getting the Skinny on Pay-TV
Flash Poll  
2/17/2017   6 comments
Are skinny bundles a viable strategy for pay-TV operators?
NFV Gets Its Groove Back
Flash Poll  
2/1/2017   5 comments
NFV is proving to be more complex than most service providers anticipated. What area do think is the most crucial for NFV gaining momentum in 2017?
Dreaming of Live Streaming
Flash Poll  
1/13/2017   11 comments
Which social network is best positioned to dominate live streaming?
Open Source: One Ring to Rule Them?
Flash Poll  
1/4/2017   8 comments
There are various open source communities and standards bodies that are attempting to define how SDN, NFV, virtualization, and containers will evolve going forward. Which body should take the reins?
Will Live Streaming Blow Up Mobile?
Flash Poll  
12/16/2016   32 comments
How significant an impact will live streaming from social media apps have on mobile networks?
IoT's Top Priority
Flash Poll  
12/1/2016   6 comments
Which of the following is the most important element for the success of IoT?
Is Virtual Reality for Real?
Flash Poll  
11/14/2016   43 comments
Is virtual reality about to transform TV entertainment?
OSS Transformation
Flash Poll  
11/1/2016   11 comments
Communications service providers are making the move towards virtualized networks but one chokepoint is legacy OSS systems. What is the biggest driver for next-gen OSS?
Productive Video: Not For Your Amusement
Flash Poll  
10/21/2016   10 comments
Which type of customer is the best target for operators to sell-in 'productive video' services?
SDN/NFV's Impact on Big Data
Flash Poll  
10/5/2016   7 comments
What is the biggest impact of SDN and NFV on big data analytics?
Making 4K More Than OK
Flash Poll  
9/14/2016   14 comments
What is the greatest hurdle holding back the success of 4K/UHD TV?
Top Task for SDN
Flash Poll  
8/26/2016   2 comments
What is the most important function of SDN?
Pay-TV Goes on a Diet
Flash Poll  
8/12/2016   18 comments
What is the single most important driver for the roll out of slim TV packages, such as Comcast Stream TV, Dish's Sling TV, AT&T's DirecTV Now, etc., by operators?
Digging Into DevOps
Flash Poll  
8/3/2016   5 comments
How is your company implementing a DevOps strategy?
OTT Partner Paradigm
Flash Poll  
7/20/2016   10 comments
What is the best revenue model for pay-TV operators that partner with an OTT provider such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video?
Match Game: Operators Need Ecosystem Partners
Flash Poll  
7/12/2016   5 comments
What type of ecosystem partners are telecom operators in most need of right now?
OTT Conundrum
Flash Poll  
6/28/2016   7 comments
Should telcos develop and launch their own OTT video services?
Transformation Speed Bumps
Flash Poll  
6/20/2016   6 comments
The road to digital transformations can be chock-full of potholes. What is currently the biggest barrier for service providers' digital transformations?
Defining Digital Transformations
Flash Poll  
6/13/2016   7 comments
While communications service providers (CSPs) know they need to revamp their company cultures, back office/IT systems, work processes, services and applications, there are different approaches towards each one's digital transformation. What do you think should be CSPs' top priority this year?
Digital Ecosystem Priorities
Flash Poll  
6/3/2016   3 comments
What is the most important element of a successful digital ecosystem for a telco?
Measuring IoT's Impact
Flash Poll  
5/31/2016   12 comments
Which IoT market segment will have the biggest immediate impact for service providers?
Ecosystems in Focus
Flash Poll  
5/20/2016   4 comments
What kind of ecosystem is needed for telco transformation?
Telco Transformation Report Card
Flash Poll  
5/16/2016   13 comments
How would you rate the progress that CSPs have made in their telco transformations so far?
IoT Challenge Test
Flash Poll  
5/9/2016   2 comments
What is the biggest challenge of the IoT for your business?
Biggest Security Nightmare?
Flash Poll  
5/2/2016   8 comments
While virtualization, software and cloud-based services have been game changers for enterprises, there are still a lot of security concerns. Which of the following do you consider the weakest link for security?
You Down With OTT?
Flash Poll  
4/22/2016   4 comments
Over-the-top streaming video services have been a hot topic of late on Telco Transformation. What's your favorite service?
Big Data Dust-up!
Flash Poll  
4/18/2016   6 comments
Communications service providers are jumping on the big data bandwagon in order to better serve their customers and manage their networks. What is the big driver for big data in 2016?
Is Billing Behind the Times?
Flash Poll  
4/8/2016   3 comments
As the world moves towards digital services and real-time charging, are billing systems keeping pace?
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