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The Digerati
Content posted in December 2017
AT&T's Zeto: How Smart Cities Meet The Jetsons
The Digerati  
12/29/2017   26 comments
AT&T's Michael Zeto talks about the role carriers will play in regards to enabling smart city services and applications.
Orange's Vamparys: SDN/NFV Key to 5G
The Digerati  
12/28/2017   7 comments
As part of its 5G effort, Orange is working with SDN/NFV, OpenStack and ONAP to provide on-demand services and SLAs to its business customers.
5G Is About Multi-Service Connectivity – Orange Lab's Vamparys
The Digerati  
12/27/2017   19 comments
Orange Lab's Arnaud Vamparys talks about preparing for the on-demand services that will be delivered by 5G.
ABI's Mavrakis: Vendor Compatibility Vital to 5G Transformation
The Digerati  
12/26/2017   5 comments
In part two of this Q&A, ABI Research's Dimitris Mavrakis highlights the important role that vendors play in telco cloud and 5G transformation.
AT&T's Zeto on Achieving the Smart City Vision
The Digerati  
12/25/2017   42 comments
Smart cities are built not just by the carriers involved, but also by the cities' mayors, utilities, CIOs and the residents and businesses within those cities, according to AT&T's Michael Zeto.
ABI's Mavrakis: Live in the Moment for 5G, Cloud Transformation
The Digerati  
12/22/2017   16 comments
ABI Research's Dimitris Mavrakis emphasizes the need for speed in telcos' parallel transformations for cloud and 5G – such that they counterintuitively focus on the present 4G LTE environment instead of the future.
OpenStack's Vancsa on Unifying 5G Cloud
The Digerati  
12/22/2017   16 comments
In part two of this Q&A, the OpenStack Foundation's Ildiko Vancsa talks about how 5G and cloud convergence demand flexibility.
AT&T's Kafka: Localized Cloud Resources Crucial for 5G
The Digerati  
12/21/2017   6 comments
AT&T's Hank Kafka says moving cloud resources geographically closer to the end user is one of the key considerations for enabling 5G services.
OpenStack's Vancsa on Adapting to the 5G & Converged Cloud Future
The Digerati  
12/21/2017   5 comments
In part one of this Q&A, the OpenStack Foundation's Ildiko Vancsa talks about how 5G and cloud convergence demand flexibility.
GlobalData's Westfall: 5G, Cloud Evolve as Platforms Blend
The Digerati  
12/18/2017   2 comments
Network slicing and cloud-native development are key components for 5G achieving its full potential.
GlobalData's Westfall: 5G & Cloud 'Joined at the Hip'
The Digerati  
12/15/2017   3 comments
While the cloud will thrive on its own, it's imperative for the success of 5G applications and services, according to GlobalData's Ron Westfall.
Colt's Voltolini on Big Data & 5G Connectivity
The Digerati  
12/13/2017   13 comments
Colt's Mirko Voltolini talks about the importance of 5G to enterprise 'cloud shift' – but why 5G still has a long way to go.
Colt's Voltolini: Cloud Transformation Brings Agility, Alignment
The Digerati  
12/12/2017   4 comments
In part one of this Q&A, Colt's Mirko Voltolini talks about why both cloud technologies and a DevOps mindset toward organizational alignment are a prerequisite for enterprise digital transformation.
Digital Maturity Models Drive Carriers' Transformations
The Digerati  
12/11/2017   12 comments
One method for carriers to manage their legacy systems and newer technologies is through a two-pronged approach, according to Huawei's Vishal Augustine.
Eutelsat's Dutronc Discusses SmartBEAM
The Digerati  
12/11/2017   27 comments
Russian DTH provider Tricolor is the first deployment of Eutelsat's SmartBEAM technology for hybrid satellite-WiFi TV delivery to mobile devices.
NTT America's Rigby: Digital Transformation Is Not 'One Size Fits All'
The Digerati  
12/8/2017   15 comments
Digital transformation strategies need to be adaptive over time while also having top-down management buy-in, according to NTT America's George Rigby.
Digital Transformation Is Built Upon 3 Pillars
The Digerati  
12/7/2017   43 comments
Establishing priorities is key for digital transformations, according to Huawei's Vishal Augustine.
CenturyLink's McReynolds: Digital Transformation Is a Living Creature
The Digerati  
12/6/2017   18 comments
CenturyLink's Chris McReynolds talks about digital transformation unity – both when it comes to industry standards and when it comes to the unity within CenturyLink itself in the wake of its recent acquisition of Level 3 Communications.
Sprint's Marquardt on What Moving to 5G Means for CIOs
The Digerati  
12/5/2017   47 comments
CIOs need to think about how they will use 5G to deliver new services and applications to their customers, according to Sprint's Ron Marquardt.
CL's McReynolds: Enterprises Need to First Define Digital Transformation Goals
The Digerati  
12/4/2017   9 comments
In part one of this Q&A, CenturyLink's Chris McReynolds talks about the various types of digital-transformation enterprise customers – and how to strategize each kind.

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