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Best Patterns to Sew For the Beginners

Sewing is not that easy as it seems to be. When you see several dresses at some boutique, have you ever wondered what kind of sewing, machine, needles or ornaments must be used to make this perfectly fine dress? For professionals it's quite easy to understand the construction of the dress but for the beginners, it's confusing and full of questions.

Before you jump to the high level of stitching it's necessary to learn some more about best sewing machine for beginners making clothes here at You can get a clear picture of any stitched dress once you have some basic knowledge about the stitching world and how things work when you are about to start some project.

Best Patterns to Sew For the Beginners

For the novice here we are with some of the great projects you can try to start your journey. We have come up with the easy and creative patterns you can try in your sewing workspace and definitely can add into your portfolio to make it more impressive and colorful. In this way, you can definitely learn a few technical things. Let's go through them.

1. Mouse Pin Cushion:

Always look out for the creative things you can add in your portfolio. You can decorate your workspace with the things which look absolutely unique as well as eye catchy for everyone. Let's start with the small mouse cushion. In this project, you just need to know how to sew a straight line.

Cutting must be perfect and add up some cotton in it to make it look like a stuffed toy. Use different colorful pieces to make it look funky. Use it as your needle holder. Fix your needles in the cushion to save anyone from injuring themselves. This is definitely going to be your first creative project as a novice.

2.  Stationary Case:

This is one of the easiest and quick projects, you can complete it in no time. There is no restriction of fabric, you can use any two different kinds of patterns suitable for the case. If you know how to adjust zipper in the box then use it as well, it will give an amazing look to your box. You just have to cut two rectangles from each material.

After cutting the fabric, place a zipper inside of the fabric in a way that facing of the zipper must be out of the fabric. Put another fabric from the other side and pinned them together. Start stitching but make sure you are when you are near to the zipper end. Pull it out by unzipping it and stitch it till the end. Use the same technique on the other side, this time definitely without a zipper. Fold the edges and sew them cleanly from inside.

3. Baby Blanket:

Before you attempt any of the projects or before you jump on the professional machines, start your work with the best basic sewing machine for beginners to help you with the small projects. Stitching a baby blanket is kind of a milestone for the beginners and it's pretty easy. You are definitely going to enjoy this project due to the funky colors and easy patterns.

Sewing Blanket With A Basic Sewing Machine For Beginners

You can buy a charm pack in which you will have all the pieces and you can save your cutting time. If you want to cut the pieces by yourself then choose any fabric by yourself. There should be 42 squares in total and decide the pattern. Use ¼ inch seam and start stitching rows first. Once you are done with the complete row, press it to make it smooth.

Now match them up and pinned them to stitch the row to each other. In the same way, sew row to row and keep pressing until you have a front side of the blanket. Now cut the other fabric of the same size as the front of the blanket. Stitch it in the same way with much difference from corners. Sew them together by folding the edges cleanly. Press them and make sure it's getting fold softly, there must be no pressure in the center.

Your baby blanket is ready. If it's a failed attempt, don't worry you can try again and this time you must have learned some technical things and tricks.

4. Scarves:

When you are choosing to sew scarves as a project then you should finish the cutting first. You need two kinds of fabrics, one in wool and one in cotton. With the help of ruler start cutting it till you get the length you needed. Fix the pins on the regular intervals and start sewing by joining both sides. It's highly recommended to sew from the cotton side to avoid any slipping problems and to avoid the fabric damage.

Don't forget to leave the short end and its opening must be 1/2". Get yourself done with 4 seam stitching. Attach corners in an angle without damaging any of the stitches. Change the right side of the material out and iron until seams of the project have the crease. Stitch the open ends.

5. HeadBand:

Start it by measuring your head first and make sure you are using a stretchy fabric. Check its ability to stretch before you buy the fabric. Cut the strip into two long measurements which must be stretchy. Keep the short ends open and start joining the two strips. Stitch the long edges and pull the right side of the fabric out.  Get both ends and stitch them in a different pattern, it may be a straight line or maybe in a zigzag. Press it and it's ready to use.

You can have more guidance from about machines and which one is suitable for you at this phase.


All these projects listed above are quick to prepare as well as easy for the beginners. If you are still in the practice phase then all you need is to have a best affordable sewing machine for beginners to complete the project in no time and to indulge yourself in a constant practice. 

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