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Video Transformation
posted in July 2016
27 items
Is Comcast Right to Reject OTT?
Aditya Kishore  
7/29/2016   33 comments
Comcast CEO doesn't see the value in offering an OTT video service despite new launches from other pay-TV providers.
Social Video Could Be the Next Great Challenge for Network Operators
Aditya Kishore  
7/29/2016   15 comments
The rapid growth of social video, including virtual reality and live streaming, poses new threats for network capacity management.
EU, Paramount Agreement to Hit Geo-Blocking Models
Aditya Kishore  
7/27/2016   14 comments
The agreement means that Paramount movies can now be accessed from anywhere in the EEA on Sky services.
Verizon Betting Big on Yahoo's Assets
Mike Robuck  
7/26/2016   32 comments
During Verizon's second quarter earnings call, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam outlined his company's plans for Yahoo's web assets.
Will the 'Slim' TV Business Model Really Retain Cord-Cutters?
Aditya Kishore  
7/26/2016   12 comments
US pay-TV providers are exploring new slimmed down TV lineups at lower costs, but can it keep subscribers from leaving?
Era of OTT Aggregation Beginning, Says New Study
Aditya Kishore  
7/25/2016   15 comments
Minor subscription video on demand (SVoD) services can reach a broader audience by partnering, according to Parrot Analytics and MIPCOM.
Does Watchever's Demise Highlight a Looming Challenge for OTT?
Aditya Kishore  
7/22/2016   15 comments
German VoD service will shut down despite having French media giant Vivendi as a parent.
TT Poll: Operators Need Open Source Ecosystem Partners
Mike Robuck  
7/21/2016   14 comments
Developing open source ecosystem partners earned the most votes in a recent Telco Transformation poll.
OTT Video Threatens Hollywood's Summer Blockbusters
Aditya Kishore  
7/21/2016   19 comments
New study finds increased viewing of TV content could affect demand for theatrical viewing this summer.
OTT Partner Paradigm
Flash Poll  
7/20/2016   10 comments
What is the best revenue model for pay-TV operators that partner with an OTT provider such as Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Video?
Is Subscription the Best Business Model for OTT Video?
Aditya Kishore  
7/20/2016   21 comments
SVoD is the most popular model for OTT providers, but may not work as well for operators.
Does Netflix Need a New Business Model?
Aditya Kishore  
7/19/2016   26 comments
The OTT leader is losing its aura of invincibility as subscriber growth slows.
Nielsen: TV Still Dominates US Media Consumption
Aditya Kishore  
7/18/2016   19 comments
US adults spend an average of 35 hours and 26 minutes watching TV every week.
Mobile Broadband for a Video World
Telco Transformation Video  
7/18/2016   3 comments
Mobile Broadband is growing at a double-digit rate annually thanks in large part to the proliferation of video across a range of devices and services.
Verizon Smart Platform Co-Opts the Dumb Pipe Threat
The Digerati  
7/15/2016   12 comments
Verizon serves up APIs and other tools that help TV stations publish content to social media and other outlets.
Operators Must Target VoD Opportunity in Europe, Says Pyramid Research
Aditya Kishore  
7/15/2016   3 comments
Research firm says operators can benefit from a consumer shift towards on-demand viewing by launching their own OTT services
First Ever VTAB Survey Finds 4 Key Areas of Video Innovation
Aditya Kishore  
7/14/2016   15 comments
Leading industry stakeholders are broadly focused on similar issues, though their priorities are different.
Introducing the Video Transformation Advisory Board
Aditya Kishore  
7/14/2016   13 comments
The elite group of industry thought leaders will share their video transformation ideas and experiences with the Telco Transformation community.
UK Under-25s Are Guzzling VoD, Finds Ofcom
Aditya Kishore  
7/13/2016   19 comments
UK communications regulator finds online video accounts for rapidly growing share of daily TV consumption for 16- to 24-year-olds.
Fox Fires Live-Streaming Salvo in Broadcast/Pay-TV Battle
Aditya Kishore  
7/12/2016   6 comments
Fox's multiscreen service requires a pay-TV subscription today, but what about the future?
Advertising Drives Telkom Indonesia's Big Video Strategy
Aditya Kishore  
7/11/2016   7 comments
The Indonesian incumbent has integrated its OTT, IPTV and DTH platforms to maximize its advertising opportunity.
Big Video Summit Shanghai 2016 Pt. I
7/11/2016   1 comment
Service providers shared their plans and perspectives with hundreds of industry executives at the recent Big Video Summit in Shanghai check out these pictures and discover the key trends.
China Telecom Pushes Big Video in Sichuan
Aditya Kishore  
7/8/2016   15 comments
The operator is generating new revenue from a number of new, innovative video services in China's Sichuan province
Singtel Uses 4G to Launch Streaming Video Service
Aditya Kishore  
7/7/2016   21 comments
The Singaporean operator's Cast app will stream Asian OTT TV content over its 4G network.
EE Video Chief Matt Stagg Dissects Big Video, Part II
Aditya Kishore  
7/6/2016   25 comments
Part II of a conversation with Matt Stagg, head of mobile video & content at mobile operator EE, discussing the impact of video service on his business.
Hollywood Losing the Digital Plot, Says Former Studio Executive
Aditya Kishore  
7/6/2016   22 comments
Former high-ranking executive at Columbia and Paramount fears Hollywood is losing ground in the digital world.
ITU Unveils New HDR Standard for TV
Aditya Kishore  
7/5/2016   14 comments
The new tech standard should help to unify technology development and get compatible HDR content to UHD TVs in the future.

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Thursday, September 21, 2017
12pm EST

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In this webinar, Andrew Dugan, CTO of Level 3 Communications, and Amy Wheelus, Vice President of Cloud and D2 Platform Integration at AT&T, will discuss how their companies have leveraged SDN within their networks, services and applications. Some of the key areas that will be covered include:

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