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Digital Operations
posted in April 2016
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CableLabs' Clarke on ETSI Specs, Orchestration & a New NFV Interop Lab
Telco Transformation Video  
4/29/2016   6 comments
CableLab's Don Clarke talks about ETSI specifications, how SDN and NFV complement each other in telcos' networks and CableLab's new NFV Interoperability Lab.
Internet of Things: Strength in Numbers
4/29/2016   20 comments
The race to usher in new Internet of Things business models and revenue streams will center on six key areas, according to a recent report by Verizon.
Seen & Heard: Rovi Snags TiVo for $1.1B
Mike Robuck  
4/29/2016   11 comments
Rovi and TiVo join forces via a $1.1 billion deal with the combined company operating under the TiVo brand.
TT Caption Contest: Revised to Include Voting!
Mike Robuck  
4/29/2016   109 comments
The top three comments in the Telco Transformation caption contest will win Amazon Gift Cards.
Verizon's Hakl Shares Lessons Learned for SDN & NFV
Telco Transformation Video  
4/27/2016   3 comments
Shawn Hakl, Vice President, Product & New Business Innovation, Verizon, spoke about the NFV and SDN lessons that his company has learned over the past year.
Seen & Heard: Huawei Unveils Video-as-a-Service Platform
Mike Robuck  
4/27/2016   8 comments
The end-to-end platform is designed to help carriers quickly launch video services while providing a better user experience.
TT Launches Video Industry Advisory Board
Iain Morris  
4/26/2016   31 comments
A new initiative from Telco Transformation could have a big impact on the fast-changing TV business.
Seen & Heard: Huawei Teams Up With Vodafone on IoT lab
Mike Robuck  
4/26/2016   21 comments
Huawei and Vodafone's new IoT lab will kick the tires on new applications and services.
Viacom Courting UK Pay-TV Partners
Iain Morris  
4/26/2016   12 comments
Media giant is in talks with UK pay-TV players about distribution deals for its new range of video apps.
Spotlight Shines on SDN/NFV at NFV World Congress
4/26/2016   8 comments
The evolution of NFV/SDN was on full display at Layer123's NFV World Congress, including keynote addresses from Google, Huawei and Comcast executives.
Cultural Shift Key to Service Providers' Digital Transformation
Mike Robuck  
4/25/2016   25 comments
During last week's NFV World Congress, Comcast's Nandiraju spoke about how service providers need to evolve their cultures to enable their digital transformations.
Orange Becomes a Bank With Groupama Deal
Iain Morris  
4/22/2016   18 comments
Orange seals major deal that will allow it to enter the banking sector in France early next year.
AT&T Seeks to Lead with ECOMP
The Digerati  
4/21/2016   5 comments
AT&T recently launched ECOMP to speed up the launch of new services.
Verizon's Hakl: Gray Boxes Aren't Helping
Mike Robuck  
4/21/2016   12 comments
During his keynote address at NFV World Congress, Verizon's Shawn Hakl talks about lessons learned.
Internet of Things: Sizing the IoT Opportunity
4/20/2016   7 comments
The Internet of Things has gone mainstream as businesses and organizations of all sizes are working with service providers on new IoT-based services and applications, but there are even more opportunities in the future.
TT Poll: Billing Systems Are (Mostly) Up for the Digital Transformation
Mike Robuck  
4/19/2016   21 comments
Voters in last week's Telco Transformation poll said by an overwhelming margin that while a refresh is needed in order for billing systems to keep pace with digital services most of what's needed already exists.
Amazon Draws a Bead on Netflix With Standalone Tier
Mike Robuck  
4/18/2016   75 comments
Amazon announced on Sunday that it's serving up its streaming service as a standalone option.
The OTT Maelstrom
Mike Robuck  
4/15/2016   16 comments
Among other research, Parks Associates says that 20% of broadband households in the US cancelled at least one OTT service over the past 12 months.
TT Radio Show: AT&T's Fuetsch on Building Open ROADMs
Mike Robuck  
4/14/2016   11 comments
AT&T is pushing for open and software-controlled ROADMs to keep pace with surging optical network traffic.
Digital Transformation & Business Assurance: What They Mean for Service Providers
Michael E. Serrano  
4/13/2016   12 comments
Business service assurance is key to service providers' digital transformations.
Sling TV Launches Multi-Stream Service
Mike Robuck  
4/13/2016   27 comments
Sling TV offers up a wide-range of sports, entertainment and local programming on its new multi-stream service.
Facebook Adds Chatbots to Messenger
Mike Robuck  
4/12/2016   27 comments
Facebook unveiled its 'bots for messenger' service at its annual F8 developer conference in San Francisco.
Netflix Tops HBO for Best Original Content
Mike Robuck  
4/12/2016   45 comments
For the first time in the survey's six-year history, Netflix takes the crown for best original programming, according to Morgan Stanley.
Huawei: Carrier & Enterprise Revenues Could Top $80B by 2020
Mike Robuck  
4/11/2016   10 comments
Huawei makes bullish predictions for the future at its Global Analyst Summit.
Security Top-Ranked Service in TT Poll
Mike Robuck  
4/11/2016   12 comments
Security is the number one game-changing service CSPs can offer their enterprise customers.
Is Billing Behind the Times?
Flash Poll  
4/8/2016   3 comments
As the world moves towards digital services and real-time charging, are billing systems keeping pace?
Huawei Rules the CSP Roost
Mike Robuck  
4/7/2016   4 comments
Huawei is the single biggest vendor for technology and services that are sold to global communications service providers.
TT Poll: Virtual Reality a Work in Progress
Mike Robuck  
4/6/2016   16 comments
Virtual reality needs more bandwidth and better performance metrics, according to a TT poll.
Verizon Buys a Stake in AwesomenessTV
Mike Robuck  
4/6/2016   15 comments
The deal includes a new mobile video service that will be funded by Verizon.
Verizon Report: IoT Is Mainstream
Mike Robuck  
4/5/2016   20 comments
The promise of the Internet of Things has arrived, according to a report that was commissioned by Verizon.
CenturyLink's Freund on Data Center Trends
The Digerati  
4/1/2016   24 comments
CenturyLink's Chip Freund talks about what's driving data center growth and the impact of virtualization.

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In this Telco Transformation radio show, IHS Markit's Michael Howard will talk about the network domains that carriers are targeting for SDN, the top SDN services that are driving revenues and the deployment barriers this year. Howard will also address whether carriers are embracing open source or using vendor-specific implementations.
Thursday, March 16, 2017
12:00 p.m. New York/4:00 p.m. London

The promise of 5G connectivity is a truly Networked Society. 5G is not just about making the throughput larger, it is also about offering use case optimized user experiences and inclusion of new vertical sectors. Use cases predicted for 2020 will need new types of connectivity services that are highly scalable and programmable in terms of speed, capacity, security, reliability, availability, latency and impact on battery type. 5G will need to be an agile, dynamically programmable network that can meet diverse needs with new, as-a-service models on a single infrastructure. In this Webinar, you will learn how the Open Networking Foundation is combining open source and software defined standards through its Open innovation Pipeline to advance innovative architectures such as mobile CORD (M-CORD). M-CORD is being developed by the CORD Project community under ONF's leadership and hosted by The Linux Foundation. Built on the pillars of SDN, NFV and cloud technologies, the end-to-end M-CORD open reference solution is arming operators with the capabilities needed to start planning for the upcoming 5G transition.

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