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US to Lead, Europe to Lag, China to Dominate 5G
Sarah Thomas  
4/9/2018   3 comments
More 5G predictions are rolling out as CCS Insights says that the US may be the first to launch 5G, but China will soon dominate it.
Old Concerns Over New 5G Cell Towers
Sarah Thomas  
4/6/2018   12 comments
Consumer fears over radiation from new 5G cell antennas and a shortage of tower climbers willing to service them are already plaguing the market for 5G in the US.
Despite the Spin, Automation Means Job Cuts
Sarah Thomas  
4/5/2018   43 comments
Respondents to a poll on Light Reading suggest that automation is most about job cuts, not 'freeing employees up for more interesting work' as is often suggested.
Boingo CTO Sees Only Upside for 5G in Cable
Sarah Thomas  
4/4/2018   3 comments
Derek Peterson tells Light Reading that 5G won't pose a threat to cable companies and explains how Boingo is bridging the two worlds for consumers.
5G's Maine Event? Redzone Touts 5Gx Launch
Sarah Thomas  
4/3/2018   6 comments
Fixed wireless provider is bringing broadband services to 13 rural and underserved markets across Maine, but it's not quite as 5G as it claims.
Mobile AR Attracting Record Funding in 2018
Sarah Thomas  
4/2/2018   8 comments
Digi-Capital says that AR/VR startups raised a record of more than $3.6 billion from VCs and corporate investors in the past year, with over three quarters of a billion dollars invested so far in 2018.
Analysts Predict Limited Growth in Connectivity Revenue on 5G
Sarah Thomas  
3/30/2018   19 comments
Strategy Analytics says that by 2023 overall wireless subscriptions will reach 9 billion, up from 7.7 billion today, with 5G accounting for only 10% of connectivity revenue.
Video: Tour the Graphene Pavilion, See the Future of Tech
Sarah Thomas  
3/29/2018   20 comments
Graphene, an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in an hexagonal lattice, is the strongest and one of the lightest, most transparent and conductive materials – and it has the potential to transform the telecom industry.
UK Forms Government-Backed 5G Task Force
Sarah Thomas  
3/28/2018   55 comments
Government, researchers and industry players are coming together to help expedite the rollout of 5G networks and services across the UK.
GSMA: US Will See Fastest Customer Migration to 5G
Sarah Thomas  
3/27/2018   12 comments
The industry association says that the US will reach 100 million 5G connections by early 2023, nearly doubling to 190 million by 2025.
Turkcell Streams Through Video Transformation
Sarah Thomas  
3/26/2018   8 comments
In a video interview from MWC, Baris Zavaroglu, Turkcell's Digital Media and Entertainment director, shares how the company found success with launching its own video streaming service.
3GPP Slices Away at Machine Learning
Sarah Thomas  
3/23/2018   5 comments
Standards group is developing a machine learning function to let operators monitor the status of a 5G network slice or third-party application performance.
Telefónica Helps Enterprises Tackle Big Data
Sarah Thomas  
3/22/2018   4 comments
With partner Huawei, Telefónica will begin offer enterprises big data and analytics apps to use internally and to offer their customers to aid in the transformation process.
Emerging Markets Gain Most From Transformation
Sarah Thomas  
3/21/2018   14 comments
Heavy Reading Analyst Roz Roseboro explains why emerging markets will benefit the most from wireless operators' digital transformation efforts.
5G Accelerating Drive Towards Autonomous Cars
Sarah Thomas  
3/20/2018   71 comments
A new 5G Americas white paper outlines how 5G can power self-driving cars and their communications with the world around them.
Security Can't Be Overlooked in Transformation
Sarah Thomas  
3/19/2018   23 comments
Digital transformation requires a new approach to security that companies often don't consider, but they must if they want to ultimately be successful.
Australia Sees $45B Transformation Potential
Sarah Thomas  
3/16/2018   40 comments
Australia could add $45 billion to its GDP by 2021 through digital transformation, according to a recent study from Microsoft and IDC.
Indoors Will Be 5G's Biggest Challenge
Sarah Thomas  
3/15/2018   13 comments
The indoors will be a big challenge with 5G networks, but Heavy Reading says indoor digital systems could be the answer to coverage and new revenue opportunities.
Sprint: Better Data Key to Transformation
Sarah Thomas  
3/14/2018   8 comments
Sprint's CFO Rob Roy tells McKinsey that the carrier fell into the trap of not understanding what a transformation means, but better data helped it start over.
Vodafone's Heeran to NFV Vendors: Move Faster
The Digerati  
3/13/2018   5 comments
In part two of this Q&A, the carrier's group head of network virtualization, SDN and NFV calls on vendors to move faster and lead the cloudification charge.
Vodafone's NFV Boss: Term 'NFV' Holds Industry Back
The Digerati  
3/12/2018   4 comments
It's time to focus on cloudification instead, Fran Heeran, the group head of Network Virtualization, SDN and NFV at Vodafone, says.
You Can't Spell USA Without 5G
Sarah Thomas  
3/9/2018   21 comments
Light Reading's mobile guru Dan Jones provides a handy guide to all the 5G updates announced for the US at last week's MWC in Barcelona.
CFOs Play Major New Role in Transformations
Sarah Thomas  
3/8/2018   43 comments
A Grant Thorton study finds that CFOs need to have more technical expertise and work closely with IT as they manage the short- and long-term priorities of digital transformation.
Evolving Cloud Data Centers to the 5G Era 
Conversations with Huawei  
3/7/2018   12 comments
What kind of cloud data center will be able to meet the network and service requirements of 5G? The answer is simple.
Huawei Zaps 5G in the Microwave
Sarah Thomas  
3/6/2018   10 comments
Renato Lombardi, fellow and head of Huawei's Italy Research Center, discusses Huawei's launch of 5G microwave equipment, designed to use spectrum more efficiently and innovatively.
LTE Speeds Plateau as 5G Hype Skyrockets
Sarah Thomas  
3/2/2018   9 comments
Don't forget about 4G! OpenSignal says that LTE speeds are reaching a plateau at around 45 Mbit/s while the reach of the 4G networks continues to grow.
China Mobile Stands Alone in Ambitious 5G Plans
Sarah Thomas  
3/1/2018   18 comments
Chinese giant says it will deploy a standalone 5G network in 2020 after conducting tests this year around key technologies like network slicing and massive MIMO.
Turkcell Invites Telcos to Share in OTT Success
Sarah Thomas  
2/28/2018   5 comments
Turkcell CEO Kaan Terzioglu says the carrier has transformed into a digital services operator and wants other telcos to market its line of OTT apps that have been successful at home.
Seen & Heard at MWC: 5G Across the Globe
Sarah Thomas  
2/27/2018   7 comments
From Verizon's fixed and mobile plans to Telstra's data center repurposing to Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom's regulator takedown, 5G is all anyone's talking about at MWC.
Transformation Takes Center Stage at MWC
Sarah Thomas  
2/26/2018   15 comments
HKT and Huawei announce their Digital Transformation Practice Center (DTPC), where HKT plans to share lessons learned on its digital business transformation journey.
Videos: Sneak Peek of Huawei's 5G Vision
Sarah Thomas  
2/23/2018   24 comments
Huawei previews its plans for 5G, including how artificial intelligence and the cloud will enable new services, ahead of Mobile World Congress.
Deutsche Telekom Demos 5G Interop in Germany
Sarah Thomas  
2/22/2018   25 comments
Along with partners Huawei and Intel, Deutsche Telekom has proven out 5G interoperability on a commercial basestation based on the 3GPP's R15 standard.
Hey Watson: Vodafone Makes First 5G Call
Sarah Thomas  
2/21/2018   59 comments
Using Huawei's Radio Access Network equipment, Vodafone made the first 5G call in the world from a computer in Barcelona to a mobile in Madrid.
Digital Transformation Requires New Social Contract – Accenture
Sarah Thomas  
2/20/2018   23 comments
The world is undergoing its own digital transformation in which the relationship between technology and people is a two-way street, Accenture says.
Huawei Preps for a Massive (MIMO) MWC
Sarah Thomas  
2/16/2018   7 comments
The Chinese vendor is giving a sneak preview of its 5G wares, unveiling new 5G milestones and talking up the importance of AI in 5G before the annual mobile confab.
Vendors Need New Transformation Sales Playbook – Survey
Sarah Thomas  
2/15/2018   35 comments
New survey from CCgroup highlights how digital transformations are changing how operators make decisions and what they are looking for in their vendor partners.
TIM Turns 5G Up to 3Gb/s in Turin
Sarah Thomas  
2/14/2018   10 comments
The Italian mobile operator has achieved record 5G speeds of 3Gb/s and latency of only 2.6 milliseconds in its latest lab trials with Huawei and Fastweb.
5G Caption Contest: And the Winner Is...
Sarah Thomas  
2/13/2018   27 comments
Congrats to mhhf1ve, winner of January's caption contest on 5G's otherworldly ambitions.
5G Going for Olympic Gold
Carol Wilson  
2/12/2018   7 comments
All three Korean operators plan to showcase 5G at PyeongChang, ahead of their upcoming deployments, but KT has stolen the spotlight with its bobsled and ice-skating venue demos.
T-Mobile Walks a Fine Line on 5G Spectrum
Dan Jones  
2/9/2018   10 comments
T-Mobile's CTO says 600MHz will be its 5G 'anchor' but, like AT&T and Verizon, it will layer in millimeter wave in 2019.
Charter Trumpets '6G' Wireless Plans
Alan Breznick  
2/8/2018   6 comments
Number-two US cable and broadband provider promotes plans to deploy converged communications infrastructure of wired and wireless technologies.
2018 Transitional for 5G Infra Spending – Report
Carol Wilson  
2/8/2018   3 comments
Major basestation transceiver purchasing won't happen this year, except in China, but it's now on the immediate horizon.
Orange Eyes 5G Network Slicing in 2022
Iain Morris  
2/7/2018   2 comments
French service provider does not believe 5G services that use network slicing will appear in the market for another four years.
Verizon's 'Quiet' 5G Super Bowl Demo
Carol Wilson  
2/7/2018   13 comments
It wasn't hyped much in advance, apparently, but Verizon and Korea Telecom made an international 5G call, and Verizon rolled out impressive VR/AR capabilities using 5G at the Super Bowl site.
Get Ready for 5G 'Phase II'
Ray Le Maistre  
2/6/2018   19 comments
With initial 5G specifications published and early 5G strategies being fleshed out, Heavy Reading Principal Analyst Gabriel Brown expects to see a lot of focus on 'Phase II' 5G developments during the upcoming Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.
5G Wars Heating Up in Australia
Carol Wilson  
2/5/2018   7 comments
Both Optus and Telstra announce plans to deploy 5G-based services in 2019, as the operators vie to be the country's leader.
Sprint Ups the Ante on US's 5G Race
Sarah Thomas  
2/2/2018   7 comments
Wireless operator says it'll have mobile 5G in the first half of 2019.
5G Across the Globe: Where the Puck's Going
Sarah Thomas  
2/1/2018   41 comments
As Wayne Gretzky famously said, 'Skate to where the puck is going.' With 5G, it's going global, including with a literal puck in the US this year.
Orange's Vamparys: Approach 5G With an Open Mind, Network
The Digerati  
1/31/2018   18 comments
5G must coexist with LTE, 3G and a host of technologies that will ride on top of it, says Arnaud Vamparys, Orange Network Labs' senior vice president for radio networks.
OpenStack's Vancsa: You Can't Be Too Cloudy for 5G Convergence
The Digerati  
1/30/2018   6 comments
The OpenStack Foundation's Ildiko Vancsa suggests that 5G readiness means never abandoning telco applications and infrastructures once they're 'cloudy enough.'
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